Monday, May 7, 2007

Comics Magazine as Anthology

Some beatifully painted covers by Gray Morrow, Nestor Redondo, Pat Boyette and Bob Larkin.
Gray Morrow illustrated hundreds of stories for Warren and DC. For Archie, he edited the short-lived Red Circle line of comics that was somewhat of a combination between the Warren comics and the DC Mystery/ Marvel Horror comics of the 70's. Morrow drew in a detailed style, usually preferring adventure and sword and sorcery type tales. His balck and white artwork is notable for its use of layered tones and shading. Also, he tends to draw lots of beautiful women.
Some of his stories tend to be very wordy with large panels that sometimes appear almost photo-realistic. I like Gray Morrow as a storyteller, but appreciate him most as an illustrator. Besides comics, he created hundreds of paintings for paperback books, movie posters and magazines. He experimented with a variety of techniques and the results were always inspiring.
He also colored most of his own comic work which adds to their unique and thoroughly rendered look.
Nestor Redondo was a comics artist from the Philipnes who did some work for DC in the 1970's. Above is a painting for a fanzine focused on the Filipino Comics Artists.
Pat Boyette began his career in radio and as a filmmaker. As a cartoonist, he worked mainly for Charlton in DC, where he worked on titles like the Peacemaker, Korg, BlackHawk, Classics Illustrated, Sccoby Doo, Cracked and many others. He even wrote and drew a self-contained graphic novel about the History of Texas. For ACE comics, Pat wrote and drew Robin Red and the Lutins. He was well respected by his peers including Gray Morrow, Wallace Wood and Tom Sutton.
Most notably, Pat created beatiful painted covers for many of the Charlton horror and war comics from the 1970's and a coupe for Warren. He had a totally unique painting style (detailed and layered but very stylized) that often included gargoyle type creatures. The example from above is a piece from the short-lived horror comics magazine from the 1980's entitled Monsters Attack.
Bob Larkin created many paintings for Marvel comics; especially their magazine line in the 70's and 80's. Above is a great Dracula painting from the cover of Sesame Street's Electric Company magazine.

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